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Is there a way I can have students click one link and it open one link in a new tab and redirects them to a certain page on canvas? Or do I have to create two separate links, one for the link, and one for the canvas page? I'm trying to eliminate the number of clicks students have to go through.

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Hi @sarahmcoop 

One click on one link will take students from one Canvas page to another Canvas page. To return, it is just one click on the back button, or you could simply add a page link at the bottom of page 2 to take them back to page one.

What I am not understanding, is why you need the link to open page 2 in a new tab? Really, you run the potential of students with multiple tabs open, and no idea where they are in the Canvas classroom.

Screenshot of Page One:


After a user clicks the link on Page One, they are taken to Page Two:


When they are done with Page Two, they can click the link to return to Page One!  That is as minimalist, in regards to numbers of clicks, as anyone could ask for. What is really nice, is that you can add links to return to any page, like your Home Page, from assignments, quizzes and even discussions, which allows you to send students to complete graded work while providing an easy way to return to some place familiar.

This guide will show you how to Link to other pages in a Canvas course.

If I am not understanding what you are trying to do, please let me know.


Stay safe,



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