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I input my final exam scores, but did not publish them, so the final average "Current Score" seen by the students did not change. Then in computing my final grades, I used the Override Grade column in several cases. In these cases, the Current Score seen by the students changed to "60, 70, 80, 90, etc", regardless of what their average had been.

Is there a setting that will prevent the Override Grade column from affecting the Current Score seen by the students? If this is a software bug, please fix it.


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Hello @vectorpotential 

Thank you for contacting the Canvas Community. We're sorry to hear you've been experiencing issues with the override column in the gradebook. If you had the final exam hidden, the totals for the students should not and sounds like did not change. Once you post those grades, it of course would. If before you posted the exam, you used the override column within Canvas gradebook, yes it is going to change what they see as their totals. The exam itself is still hidden until you post it, but once you enable the override column and start entering final grades, the students are going to see those and see the totals change. You would need to hide the totals in addition to the exam until you are completely ready for them to see their grades. You can do this by going to course settings - scroll down and click on "more options" enable the feature to hide student totals and save. This way, the totals are hidden from them until you are fully ready for them to see their grades (using override or not)

Here is the Canvas guide:


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