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We are using SCORM packages as graded assignments for compliance courses.  As it happens the content has been changed and needs to be updated.  We have not found a way to replace or overwrite the current SCORM package with the new content and maintain the current records of learners.

How can I overwrite SCORM packages without effecting the grades?

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With a couple of caveats this appears to work.  The caveats are about updating the SCORM content using Storyline 360:

  • Make no changes to file names
  • Overwrite existing files
  • Export zip using same name as original file

To replace SCORM in Canvas here is a procedure that appears to work:

  • Download and save grades (.csv)
  • On the SCORM page (access SCORM from menu) delete SCORM package. This removes the SCORM package from assignments and the associated grade item at the same time
  • Upload revised SCORM package and import as graded assignment and publish the package
  • In grades import saved grades, select correct assignment, and follow onscreen prompts

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This is the process I've used for updating SCORM packages that are live on Canvas.

This is similar to what's been mentioned here with a few tweaks.  This should work for any type of course but I have not tested inside a blueprint course.

1) Leave the original SCORM package.  Do not delete it as this will delete the assignment in most cases.

2) Upload your new SCORM file with a new name/version

3) Choose Graded assignment IF it will be used to update a graded assignment

4) Go into the assignment settings for the new assignment the SCORM file created

5) Under the Assign section remove EVERYONE and simply assign it to a single faculty member (this prevents the assignment for showing up for all students)

6) In the New Scorm File Assignment settings find the External Tool options and copy the link there

7) Open the Assignment you're looking to correct and replace the existing link with the updated link from Step 6

Presto Chango you've updated your SCORM package without have to re-enter grades or interrupting the assignments for your students.  I've done this several times and tested it to figure out the most optimal way.  This is what I've come up with so far.  Hope it helps someone else!

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