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Pairing Codes

I am having trouble with pairing codes. I have tested them with a student account and they will not work. It says invalid code. I am Canvas admin-I have turned on the observers role for self registration. 1. I have copied the pairing code as the teacher. I have tried to create an account as the parent (incognito browser) the code never works (no matter how many new codes I generate). 2. I have copied the code as a student and tried to register as a parent and no luck. 


I am using a generic login (create a login for parents) link. The link for my institution takes us to Rapid Identity which is where we have Canvas integrated. As a whole, Canvas is SIS populated though PowerSchool with our  district. 


Does anyone have troubleshooting tips or is this just not going to work?

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Community Advocate

Are you doing this via the Parent App?

Community Participant

I'm in a browser