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Permissions for ESE/Special Needs Teachers to Observe Students

How are you handling permissions for ESE/SPED teachers who need to monitor student progress for IEPs, etc? During our pilot at a single school, they had the Act As feature turned on, but since we've gone districtwide, that has been turned off for all but root admin. There doesn't seem to be an easy way for them to only follow certain students or view a "report card"-style grade summary for individual students.

Anyone found a good workaround? 

(Developers, is there a way to make this happen?)


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Hello @KelleyCamp 

If the "student view" was turned off, that would have been disabled by the school because that is a default feature for teachers to have access to on Canvas. There are a few ways for teachers to monitor students' progress. "Act as user" is generally enabled for admins with certain permissions and the school could potentially make a custom role for certain people to keep that permission while disabling some of  the other root admin permissions. 

You can use modules:

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You can use student analytics:

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There are other options as well, but hopefully this helps. You should speak with the school to look at other options you may have available to you. 

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Thanks for the quick reply! This question is coming from a district admin perspective. 

Since these are ESE/SPED teachers, they may not necessarily teach all of the students on their caseload, but they need to be able to view each student's progress in all of their classes, preferably without having to see ALL students--almost like a Parent/Observer.