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Points and percentages and rubrics and syncing with powerteacher pro


I am instructional support for a teacher who loves to grade writing with rubrics on a 0-4 scale. She also gives quick check quizzes during which questions might only count one point, especially if there are only 3 questions. When she uses speedgrader and checks that everything converts to percentages overall, it appears that Canvas is adding up the total points across multiple assignments, instead of leaving them independent. 

This has also created a barrier with our grading system: PowerSchool & PowerTeacher Pro. While PTPro interprets the grades as points, the teacher has to manually change the points to percentages after every single grade sync. Even though PTPro categories and assignments are set to be weighted with percentages.

It is tough, and confusing, and could probably be solved if the teacher made every single assignment and rubric out of a possible 100 points. But it sure seems that teachers should have the ability to grade with more intention and that Canvas would be more accommodating to less traditional forms of grading without ruining the overall average and syncing process. 


Any help, suggestions, etc. would be so great.

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