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Powerschool Learning to Canvas Conversion?

My county has been using Powerschool Learning for the past several years. Is there a way to convert the Powerschool Learning Pages to Canvas? I have spent countless hours creating these  classes?

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  @pglover1  Welcome to the Canvas Community.

I totally understand where you are coming from. Wanting to harness the time and energy you have already put in is important.

I haven't used Powerschool myself but I've located a few documents and discussions about it in the Community. I hope they will help you. Feel free to add to the discussions too. I'm sure that others will learn from you as well. 

FAQ: Canvas and Legacy PowerTeacher Grade Passback 

How do I sync grades to the legacy PowerTeacher gradebook in PowerSchool? 

How Do I Connect to Kimono with the PowerSchool SIF Agent? 

Powerschool LMS import 

Instructor Help: Using PowerTeacher Pro in Canvas 

Sing out if you need a hand.

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We are moving our school district from PowerSchool Learning (formerly Haiku) to Canvas.  I have learned that courses can be exported via Common Cartridge (1.1, 1.2, and 1.3), however, certain elements don't translate well.  My challenge specfically focuses on content in PowerSchool Learning that is in the "On Screen Text" format which is a commonly used tool for conveying information.  (Similar to Pages in Canvas?)  The problem I'm seeing is that those are transferring as Attachments (HTML) and the images associated aren't linking properly.

Does anyone know of a way to control how content is exported or how it is imported into Canvas?  For example, could I force that content to import as a Page rather than an attachment?

This would save me and my teachers a tremendous amount of work.

Thanks in advance!