Practical assessment logging in canvas

Community Novice

I'm very new to canvas and am having difficulties streamlining practical assessment observation forms:

Help !  it seems canvas wants each assessment to have its own page and an assessment cannot be conducted multiple times on one page and if doing direct in-class observations for a cohort of say 16 students it seems really difficult to navigate between students to check off student progress and give feedback.   

I teach commercial cookery and to assess  1 dish/meal we are often assessing the dish over 5-7 assessment criteria and I must have evidence of observing the same task multiple times.

  • Do people use third-party apps/ plugins ? or am I yet to discover this functionality in canvas.

I have attached a sample outline our current paper-based assessment logs which I really need to revolutionize, please canvas tell me this is the place streamline and enhance this horribly dated and boring logbook and make assessment data collection and coalition easy peasy so I can get back to cooking with the students.