Prevent sub-account admins from acting as specific user (top-level admin)

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I'm having a bit of a security issue. I just reviewed our different account and sub-account roles and permissions and in our instance, it appears we have teachers who are able to Act as (ie. masquerade as) a top-level admin.

In our instance, I'm the only top-level account admin. Teachers are regular (preset) account admins for specific sub-accounts. The reason they can Act as me is because I've added myself as account admin to every sub-account for easy access - basically, so I can click Admin on the left-menu and select the sub-account I need to work with. If I remove myself as administrator from every sub-account, the teachers in question lose their permission to act as me.

So it appears account admins can as other account admins, and once they do, they can access anything within the given account they are acting as exactly as if they were actually signed in as me, never mind whatever privileges the masquerading user originally had. Even if I don't believe any of our teachers would abuse this, it's still a massive security issue (on our instance, not in general). 

So, what I'm trying to achieve is the following: Make it impossible for any user anywhere in the entire system to act as me specifically without having to remove my own account as admin from every sub-account. Is there any built-in way to achieve this or some kind of best practice that I didn't get the memo about?

I can't revoke the "Act as" permission from the teachers because it's such a great feature that actually enables them to solve a lot of problems on their own.

I realise the easy solution would be to remove myself from every sub-account and maybe bookmark the different accounts for easy access, or I could make two different accounts, one for top-level administration and one for sub-account maintenance work. But I'm thinking there must be an easier way.

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