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Problem with sharing my screen.

I am having trouble with the screen/webcam share function. When I highlight this function, my screen appears in multiples. Then, when I try to share a powerpoint presentation, I receive an error message that I do not have permission

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Hi,  @rallan_adjunct . To answer this question I think we will need to know more about the situation. How are you getting to the position to share your screen? I am thinking this is probably during a conference, but different institutions use different conference solutions. Screenshots can be very informative when working together on these sorts of issues.

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Oh, one other thought I had is that when you are attempting to share your screen if you share your entire desktop and that includes the presentation window, then you can get a mirroring effect because your presentation is showing your desktop which is showing your presentation which is showing your desktop which is....well, you get the idea. One thing that can help with this is to only share a single application window instead of your entire desktop.

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Rebecca, I'm just another user, but I'm going to bet you clicked "Don't Allow" at some point in the screen-sharing process. When I do that, dumping cookies isn't enough, and I need to exit the browser and go back in again.

For the "screen appears in multiples" problem (that I call Infinity Mirrors), I slapped up my solution HERE. Adam's explanation above REALLY helped me.

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Hey, which screen sharing tool you are using? Are you using tools like Webex, R-HUB web conferencing servers, Gomeetnow, Gotomeeting etc. or something else? Let us know so that we can better resolve your issue.