Problems with receiving attachments in e-mails through Canvas

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Hei everyone!
When I receive an e-mail through Canvas with an attachment, I never get the attachment. We already tried it several times (we = my profs and I) but it never works through Canvas. It's linked to an Outlook account and there it's the same - no attachments.
It always has to be sent separately to my private e-mail address, not through Canvas, then it works.
I can't seem to find any information on this matter and how to fix the problem, maybe some of you know? Thanks in advance!

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Hi @AnastassiaZ 

Remember, the Canvas Inbox is not the same as your email in Outlook, even if you have Canvas Inbox messages send notifications to your Outlook email.

If you are creating a message directly in the Canvas Inbox, you can add an attachment, and the recipient will get the attachment in their Canvas Inbox.  If they have notifications about Canvas Inbox messages sent to their email, then the attachment is included with the notification email.

However, if you reply to a Canvas notification about a Canvas Inbox message from your Outlook email, and include an attachment in that reply, that attachment will not be included.  Canvas will forward email replies to the Inbox, but it will not forward attachments.  If you want to sent and an attachment with a reply, you must reply from the Canvas Inbox, not from your email account.

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Hi @AnastassiaZ ,

If you do  not see the attachment when you look at the message you received in the Canvas Inbox, that most likely means that the person who sent the message sent it from their email, not from the Canvas Inbox.

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