Question about Quizzes and Question Groups

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Hello all! I am an AP US History teacher attempting to make some quizzes for my students, and I have a question about the Question Groups feature on Canvas. I know that I can create a group of questions and have Canvas pick a random set from that group so not all students have the same questions. I was wondering if it is also possible for me to link questions together within a group. So for instance, let's say that I create 6 questions, but I want them to be linked in sets of 3, so that one student gets one of the sets of 3, and another student gets the other set of 3. The reason why I want to do this is because on the AP test, questions are always linked in sets around a single source, but I don't want all of my students getting the same source when I am giving a quiz, so I'd like to be able to create multiple different sets and then have students randomly receive the sets when they take the quiz. Is this a feature that exists? Or is there something that approximates it?

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