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Quiz Images

I want up upload an image for a quiz. When I do, the student view says it is available to the students. How do I upload an image for a quiz that students can't see?

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Community Coach

Hello  @twm35 ...

I'm a little confused on your question.  You stated that you wanted to upload an image for a quiz that students *cannot* see?  Can you please provide some additional details on how you intend on using this image if students cannot see it?  I guess I'm not clear why you would upload the image at all if you don't want your students to see it.  Looking forward to hearing back from you soon on this, Tim.

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I uploaded an image to a quiz question. The image was in the course "files" and was a .png file type.  Some students taking the quiz say they cannot see the image, they get a blank box  with blue question mark where the picture would be.  Other students can see the images.  They are all using iPads with up to date iOS. 

Are there some file types that are not compatible? or is there another reason this might be happening?

I'm having the same problem. 1 out of 30 students can't see the images in my quiz. Same student sees images in other quizzes, but suddenly can't see them now. It happened twice today and has never happened before. What's going on?

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I agree that something is going on with this.  I have had many students say that they can't see the images in a quiz.  They do a reinstall of the app, clear the cache and do a hard reset of the quiz and no change.  

Turns out it's a known issue: Canvas - Known Issue - Students Can't View Embedded Images 

Grrr.... Smiley Wink