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Quiz Outcomes in Learning Mastery Gradebook

We are trying to align quiz questions to Outcomes in New Quizzes. So far, it has worked well to see how students are doing on each quiz with each Outcome. We would like to track the Outcomes for Quizzes to get data for the entire quarter. I wasn't able to see it in the Learning Mastery Gradebook, so I checked the guides and it says, "Outcomes scores cannot be viewed in the Learning Mastery Gradebook".

Are there plans to change this or any workarounds? This is really valuable data and unlike New Quizzes, the Learning Mastery Gradebook can export data.

Thanks for your help!

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Does Canvas not have anybody answering questions in the community?  How can this question go unanswered for 4 1/2 months?  

I also have the same exact questions and it makes no sense why Canvas would implement something that does not work with an important feature already long established in Canvas.

"Does Canvas not have anybody answering questions in the community".

I logged a question about New Quizzes and heard nothing as well. It really does seem like the forum is not monitored. Frustrating!

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Hi Stephanie and Paul,

I have been experimenting with the learning mastery gradebook lately and as you say, it doesn't give an exact point score for questions aligned to it but it does give you four tiers that can be shown, if you create the outcomes specifically to show whether someone has exceeded, passed, almost passed or failed a question then it allows you to measure responses to a limited degree.  

You also have the option of going in via the moderate function on the quiz as a teacher to view students submissions and the reports tool gives an overview of where all your students are excelling/struggling within the quiz.

I think being able to pull the individual score data would be a great feature to have.  Have you tried posting it in the https://community.canvaslms.com/community/ideas section?

I hope this has helped a little bit.


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Hi, Stephanie!

An integration with the Learning Mastery Gradebook has been added to the Quizzes Timeline, which can be viewed in the home page of the user group: User Group: New Quizzes. So stand by for that functionality.



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The link provided was broken. Is there a page with instructions on how to link new quizzes outcomes to mastery gradebook?

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Some movement would be great in this area. Doesn't seem to make sense to link to outcomes for us not to be able to collate the data in Learning Mastery. Is there a timeline for when this will be integrated?

Sounds like the road map is phasing out old quizzes and replacing with new quizzes.

Is there a plan to be able to have outcomes from new quizzes feed back to learning mastery?

Seems like a massive oversight not to be able to link back into learning mastery, a tool that sets Canvas above other LMS.

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Fully support this!

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This would be great functionality to add

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The only workaround we've had success with is to create an Outcome, attach that Outcome to a Rubric, attach the Rubric to a New Quiz and then after students have taken the quiz, go into SpeedGrader and grade the quiz via the Rubric button. Then the score will drop into the traditional gradebook and the LMG.

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As someone who has worked in app development, I hate to be a pain here, but is there any update on this? My institution is transitioning to this and from documentation I thought this was possible, but I guess it all was related to the classic quizzes. We ported over a bunch of questions in New Quizzes because of numerous formatting issues porting from D2L to the traditional quizzes (absent graphics, characters not translating).

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