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Quiz time limit vs. quiz end time

In a quiz, an instructor set the available start and end times from 10:15 AM until 12:15 PM, respectively, with a time limit of 120 minutes. A student must have started the quiz late and went beyond the 12:15 end time, ending at 12:19.  The student's quiz showed "Submitted at 12:19 Late".  Should the quiz have allowed him to go 120 minutes or should it have cut him off at 12:15?  I'm guessing the former since he was able to end after the end time.  I'll look through the Quizzes information in forums, but I'm asking if someone knows off the top of their head since grading is due this week.

Thank you, in advance!

David Millar,

Midland University

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hey David,

The end date/time should cut off the student even if they still have time left based on the time limit.  In fact in that kind of scenario of limiting students to a two hour block, it's a bit redundant to even have a time limit.  What happens in this case is that as soon as the students start the quiz they have less time than the time limit and get a warning message saying "you've started the quiz near the end of the availability and may not get your full time" (similar wording).  

But, I can't explain the 12:19 submission when the end time was 12:15.  My only guess is that perhaps there was an issue with the network connection at 12:15 so when the quiz when to auto submit, it just spun for 4 minutes until actually getting to the Canvas server.  If you check the quiz log it might give you some insight of if anything was going on during that 4 minutes.

The only other explanation would be if the teacher went in to the Moderate Quiz area and made an adjustment for that student.  Extending the time limit wouldn't do anything, but checking the box to "Manually unlock the quiz for the next attempt" essentially opens the quiz to not be bound by the start and end dates.  In that case the student could keep working beyond 12:15 but would still be bound by the 120 minute time limit.

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