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Re-grading an item in New Quizzes

We are facing an issue in New quizzes.  As we create new quizzes, we are discovering that there may be errors in how we created some items.  Therefore, those items are being incorrectly graded.  So, we are trying to figure out how to fix those mistakes and have Canvas re-grade all the attempts with the corrected answer.  Is this possible?  I know that if we want to fix an item from an item bank, new quizzes makes us create a copy of that item.  So, if a student has already taken the quiz with the incorrect item, is there a way to have that attempt re-graded so that Canvas will use the updated corrected item?  Or do I have to go in to each student's attempt, and give them fudge points?

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@smithj21, we've had good luck with regrading most autograded question types using this advice:

Somewhere along the way last year, some of the limitations around questions in banks were addressed, such that the limitation (as it exists in Classic Quizzes) is no longer stated on that guide page.  We've definitely regraded many item-bank-based questions successfully, quiz by quiz (but not across all quizzes using that item), using the steps at that link.