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Recording Audio in Canvas: Not Saving

I am having trouble recording audio only to add to a page. I followed the guide for how to add audio but when I press save, nothing is added to my page. A grey box appears and then it disappears. There is no button to play the audio I recorded.

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Hi  @kelsey_emery  Welcome (belatedly) to the Canvas Community and sorry to hear that you're having this issue. If using the current/legacy rich content editor, I highly recommend that you stick to Chrome/Firefox browsers for the reasons outlined here (How do I record audio using the Rich Content Editor as an instructor? ) since the Flash-based versions using Explorer/Safari are just plain unreliable, in my humble opinion.  If you are already using Chrome/Firefox or indeed using the new rich content editor after ensuring your browsers are properly updated and this problem persists, it may be time to file a support case with Canvas (Help>>Report a Problem) to see what's up.   Sorry I can't be of more assistance on this, Kelsey, but there may be number of factors at play.