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I made an Assignment for 45 students. 2 of them had good excuses for not submitting. I edited the original Assignment to open it for just those 2 students for a few more days. Now I can't get to 41 submissions from the other students who submitted on time. Canvas recognizes there are 41 to be graded, but I can't open them, find them, or grade them. Can any super users out there help me, please?!

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Community Coach

 @robert_harker ​, I've got a pretty good idea of what happened. When you used the differentiate feature to allow the 2 students to submit late did you just replace the "everyone" in the "Assign to" with the two students? If so, then that's the problem. By taking the rest of the students off the due date/time you eliminated them from needing to do the assignment, which would also hide anything they'd done.

To fix this you'd need to go back to the assignment and in the "Assign" box, click the "+ Add" button and add another due date/time setting for the rest of the students in your class (the due date/time can be in the past - so the original due date/time to avoid confusion). As soon as you add the rest of your students back then all of their work will show back up again.

PS - I double checked and you can go ahead and add "Everyone" with the original due date/time and as long as you have the two students set with the extended time they will still be able to submit and the rest of the class will show the original due/date time - AND you'll be able to see everyone's submissions.

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