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Is there a way to reorder outcomes so that they are not in alphabetical order? For my set up, it would be extremely helpful for me to reorder my outcomes so that they are listed in the order which they are covered in class.

For example, having outcomes listed in the following order

  • Prerequisite 1
  • Prerequisite 2
  • Limits 1
  • Limits 2
  • Derivatives 1
  • Derivatives 2
  • Derivatives 3

is much easier to work with than

  • Curve Sketching 1
  • Curve Sketching 2
  • Derivatives 1
  • Derivatives 2
  • Differential Equations 1
  • Integration 1
  • Integration 2
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Community Team
Community Team

Would it work to number the Outcomes? 

For example:

1  Prerequisite A

2  Prerequisite B 

If the number sorting would help create the custom order, that may be a workaround. Smiley Happy

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