Request for Assistance with Student information

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Title: Request for Assistance with Student Information

Description: I am a student currently enrolled in a course and I need help with an issue related to personal student information.

Issue Details:

User Role: Student

Problem: I am experiencing difficulties accessing my course materials.

Steps Taken So Far:

1. I have logged in to the course platform.

2. Problem: I have checked my course dashboard.

3. I have tried accessing the specific module, but it's not loading.

Expected Outcome: I need assistance in resolving this issue so that I can access my course materials.

Therefore, I request your parental advice that can help me.

Yours faithfully 

Opuruse Alex.


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Community Coach
Community Coach

Welcome to the Community, @AlexOpuruse . Unfortunately we won't be able to help you here, as this is a global collection of Canvas users and don't have access to your local Canvas instance. The best place to get help is with your instructor or perhaps with your local Canvas support team. Alas, their vigilance does not extend here.

I’m going to mark this reply as a solution. I realize it does not solve your problem, but it will help others who encounter similar challenges.

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