Request to change “Plugin” icon—now associated with drug dealers—on rich text editor

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In working with a professor today and showing her the plug-in icon in order to access Panopto, she told me the plug-in icon means “drug dealer” on social media. She then told me her young son died of fentanyl overdose after buying it via social media a few years ago. The icon is such a little thing, but such a huge trigger for people like her! Likewise, I learned recently that the puzzle piece icon has been used by the alt right as an image related to saying how people who are disabled don’t fit in (or something like that). I’m hopeful an “extension” icon could be used instead, similar to this:

Is there a way for us to customize these icons ourselves? 

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Community Team
Community Team

Hi @jbrown -

I'm sorry to hear about your colleague and her story. That is a difficult scenario to navigate, for sure.

With a little research, I learned that the emoji for "plug" does imply what your colleague shared. However, the icon that is in the RCE is quite different than what is built into the interface. Often, illegal and other activities that try to avoid being detected will always co-opt symbols and or other language codes because it helps them avoid detection. To keep up with all of these (personally, regionally, and globally) for all Canvas users would be very difficult.

Because it's important to have key visuals consistent throughout Canvas for our users (for Support and documentation), Instructure will likely not be able to offer the ability to customize RCE or other symbols. I hope that your colleague can find peace and make progress in eventually disassociating the symbol with time and/or the help of a trained professional.

I wish I had something more definitive to share, but I hope that this message provided some guidance. 

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