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How do you download Respondus Lockdown Browser? I have a Mac.  Thank you.

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Community Coach

Hello  @psnea001  Welcome to the Canvas Community.  Thank you for posting your question.  The Respondus Lockdown Browser is not a browser that you can just go out to Google, search for, and download.  If you are a student, you would normally get a unique URL from your instructor to download the browser to your computer.  It's a specific version of the browser that's tied to your school's Canvas environment and your course(s).  If you are an instructor, I believe that you would want to talk with your school's local Canvas administrator or your school's Online Learning (or a similar name) department to see if they know if you have the Lockdown Browser integrated with your school's Canvas environment.  They may be able to help you find that unique URL to distribute to your students.

I hope this helps, Patricia.  Please let Community members know if you have any other questions about this...thanks!

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