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Hi all,

          Despite in Canvas Documentation says that "Delete a user" process cannot be undone (How do I delete a user from an account?) , we have the situation where a user was deleted but when an application tried to create it again with the same SIS_USER_ID the API response is "The SIS_ID is already used", so I understand that deletion is a logical one, not physical.

Does anyone know if there's any way to restore that deleted user?

Thanks in advance.


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Are you familiar with the SIS import process?

You should be able to import a single user record for the student of interest, giving him a status of active.

Take a look at this page for details of the user import format:

SIS Import Format Documentation - Canvas LMS REST API Documentation

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Reinvigorating this with some information:

I would avoid deleting a user completely unless they completely stop going to school. When a user is 'deleted' it will delete the login tied to the sis_id. If the login is the last one, all of the users enrollments will also be deleted and they won't be able to log in to the school's account.

There are two options to stop a student from either participating in courses, but still can log in (the first option), or not allow them to see at all

1) users.csv file: If you still want the student to be able to log in but just not participate, leave the student 'active' but set the enrollments to 'completed' (For users.csv)

2) enrollments.csv We can set their status as "inactive"."If in an 'inactive' state, the student will be listed in the course roster for teachers, but will not be able to view or participate in the course until the enrollment is activated." (for enrollments.csv).

Here are the steps to successfully restore a deleted student.

1. Go to Account level >> Settings>> Reports

2. Find "provisioning" and download a users.csv file

3. In that csv file, C+FIND the SIS ID for the student.

4. Copy row entire for that user and then copy into new csv file. This will be the second row, the first row will be the proper names of the columns

**5. Canvas_user_id number is important to have in this new csv file because it allows the system to know we are restoring the user. Without this information, the system thinks you’re adding a new user. This is the problem you are having.

6. You do not need the column “created by SIS ID”; you can delete that entire column.

7. Save file and add to Canvas.

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