Restore the Mute function?

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Dear Canvas Managers,

Is there any way that you could restore the "mute" function?  It worked really well before and yet has been replaced by something cumbersome and unhelpful (at least for my purposes.)  I am a prof at a big public university btw.  Thanks


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Hi @Chickadee17 

I will give you my canned response in just a minute, but will interject that I doubt Canvas will ever revert back to simple Muting. Grade Posting Policies were developed in response to many user requests for expanded muting functionality. My opinion is the the software engineers got a tad bit carried away, but that is just my opinion, and I do not work for Canvas.

My canned response is that if you would like to suggest a change in Canvas features and functionality, you should create a new Idea Conversation in this community.

Good luck,


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