Restoring Earlier Version of Syllabus?

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How do I restore my Syllabus page to an earlier version? I imported a course pack from Norton, not realizing that it would overwrite some existing sections of my course, most notably my syllabus. Unfortunately I had composed the syllabus in Canvas, neglecting to make a Word backup version (last time I'll make that mistake!) so all my work on the syllabus has been lost.

Thanks in advance for any help! I tried the "undelete" trick already but didn't see my old version of the Syllabus listed as an option, likely because it wasn't manually deleted but rather overwritten.

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello there  @downumd  Welcome to the Canvas Community.  Thank you for posting your question.  I'm sorry to read that your Syllabus page doesn't have the correct content any more.  All may not be lost, however.  Have you tried logging in to either your school's "beta" or "test" environment to see if your Syllabus content is there?  These two environments are different than the "production" environment that you normally log in to day to day.  Please check out these two Guides:

How do I access the Canvas beta environment as an instructor? 

How do I access the Canvas test environment as an instructor? 

Be sure to log out of either of these environments (How do I log out of Canvas as an instructor?) before returning to your "production" environment.

Finally, if neither of these environments have your Syllabus content, I would recommend reaching out to the folks at the Canvas Help Desk.  They may be able to somehow recover the content for you.  How do I get help with Canvas as an instructor?

I hope this information will be helpful to you, Denell.  Please sing out if you have any other questions about this...thanks!

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