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I am an instructor in the Greenville County Virtual Program. I have copied the current coursework materials of the courses I taught this year. I need to know how I can access the copied coursework in the future. How do I retrieve a copied course? There are no PAST Enrollments or Hyperlinks to select in All Courses.

This is what I did to copy the current course materials:

Directions On How to Copy Your Canvas Classroom:

  • On your home page, on the right, select Import Existing Content. Next to Content Type, click on the drop-down menu and select Copy a Canvas Course. In the Search for a course text box, enter the name of the course that you want to pull content from and select it from the auto-populated list.

This is what I found on the interent for Coursework retrieval:

Here's how to access past courses in Canvas:
  1. Log in to Canvas
  2. Click the Courses tab on the left of the screen
  3. Click All Courses
  4. Scroll down to Past Enrollments
  5. Click the hyper-linked course name 

    Again, there are NO Past Enrollments or Hyperlinks.  I appreciate your instructions, Kathi Christy

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Community Coach

Hi @KathrynChristy 

You will want to contact Canvas Support at your school, since folks on this discussion board to not have any specific information about your school district's policies.  Many schools archive or remove old courses from the system, or at least remove instructors from older courses.

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