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I am a grad student creating a module for my final class I have created a course using Rise 360 and I would like to use this platform again, however, I need to be able to use the creation on Rise 360 on CANVAS as that is my institutions LMS. I have read a few articles that say SCORM allows this however, I do not have SCORM in my navigation. Can someone help me or point me in the direction of the resources who may be able to help?

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Your institution's Sys Admin has to enable the SCORM LTI in External Apps first. Then your professor has to grant you some editor role if you are not the teacher of a Canvas course.

Then you can save your Rise 360 as a zip package and upload it to the SCORM page. Once you upload the SCORM zip file package. You can choose whether to import it to an assignment or to a page. If you use it as graded assignment, the SCORM default is set to 100.

I would like to suggest reconsider using SCORM for a real production course before you do some trial and error. First, your system admin needs to take extra caution when they set this up in your personal account level without messing up other users; Second, the SCORM assignment or page won't be copied to a new shell when this course is rerun; Third, deleting the SCORM assignment is kind of confusing. You see a dead shell of the assignment in the SCORM if you click on the icon.

I will recommend not to link it to SCORM in Canvas even you can, just host the Rise 360 html5 file in a page ( if you have the editing rights) with an iframe and have your audience use it as a self-assessment tool will be much easier and less troublesome. Of course, I said this based my personal experience.



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