Roll Call (Attendance) Points and Weighted Assignment Grades

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I am working with an instructor who is teaching hybrid course. Students meet 29 times during the semester and get 1 point for each time they show up.  Attendance is worth 5% of the grade. We are using Roll Call for this.


I have set it up so that:

1. I am using Weighted Grading in Assignments index page  and have a category called Attendance Participation worth 5%.

2. The assignment - Roll Call, is in that category - see image

Roll call.jpg

3. I have edited the assignment so that it's worth 29 points. Again, one for each time they show up to class.

When the TA entered the attendance for the first time, instead of it taking off 1 point for those that did not show, it took off 14.5points. My understanding of how Roll Call functions is that students start with the full point amount - in this case 29 - and should see a single point deduction for each of the 29 sessions they missed.



Am I misunderstanding something?

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Roll Call doesn't know how many sessions you're going to have - if you think about it, you only entered a maximum point value and didn't tell it anything about the number of sessions.  So, in the gradebook, it divides that max value (29) by the (number of sessions + 1) that you've actually scored.  In your case, you've scored one session and so, for those who didn't attend it, 29/(1+1) = 14.5.  When you score the next session, the equation will be 29/(2+1), and so someone who's never shown up will be down to 9.6 pts. Someone who's shown up one time will have 19.3.  The numbers will continually fluctuate like that because there's no connection to the number of sessions. I assume that when someone misses all 29 sessions, Canvas will have to round down 29/30 to display as 0.

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