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I am trying to create a rubric with YES and NO for it's ratings. This is what it looks like as I create the rubric...

351662_YES then NO Before Creating a Rubric.jpg

However, when I "Create Rubric", the YES and NO flip...

351663_NO then YES after creating a rubric.jpg

I called Canvas, they were able to figure out that the Ratings were automatically alphabetizing the Ratings to NO to YES.

Is there a way to make that stop?


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It only alphabetizes when the point values are the same.

Here are some ways to get around that if you must have Yes first and No second.

  • Don't use the same point value for multiple criteria. Rubrics were not designed to work this way and there was, at least at one point, issues identifying which option had been chosen when the point values were the same.
  • Use Yes and no rather than Yes and No. The lowercase n comes after the uppercase Y.
  • Use Outcomes with points to get the right order, but then don't use the outcome for grading within the rubric. This is a trick I picked up from  @Chris_Hofer ‌.

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