Rubric settings getting unchecked after association

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We use blueprinting to populate our courses.  Recently, we have run into an issue with a setting on our discussion board rubrics getting unchecked after our live courses have been populated.

Prior to associating the masters with live courses, we double check to ensure the setting is checked, then associate the courses.  Randomly we start getting emails and tickets from faculty saying the rubric isn't populating the course grade book, we go into those live courses and the setting is unchecked, but it remains checked in the master.  Faculty do not have access to uncheck the setting on the rubric.  Again, it doesn't happen in all courses

I have tried multiple scenarios in our test environment, performing different publishing and unpublishing faculty may do that could cause this, I have unpublished the DBs in our master course, then pushed them out.  I can't duplicate the problem, it is just randomly happening. 

Any suggestions or help is appreciated.