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Sandbox deleted by accident

I deleted my sandbox by accident. Now I have to look to all my courses and at the bottom in previous enrollment i can find it but cannot work on it. How can I get it back?? I already wrote support but haven't receive any answer yet.

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You say "deleted" but what you are describing sounds like the course is still there, it just doesn't appear on your dashboard as a favorite. A deleted course would completely disappear from the course list.

The How do I customize my Courses list as an instructor?  lesson from the Canvas Instructor Guide explains how to make a course a favorite.

If you can still access the course by going to Courses > All Courses and scrolling down, then you can use that method. It is extra work, but it is designed that way to keep the dashboard from being cluttered with old courses.

If the course is listed under "prior enrollments" then you cannot make it a favorite to get it back on the dashboard. You may be able to fix this by going into the course Settings page and change the end date for the course. If your sandbox course has a term specified, then it may be that the term is over and so the course was concluded and removed from your dashboard for you. We set faculty access to our courses to end about two months after the semester is over to help them out so that they don't have to automatically remove the courses from their dashboard.

If you cannot change any of these settings, then you should need to talk with your local Canvas administrator.


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Thanks for responding. The end course date says August 5 but there's no way to edit that (I haven't see the option).

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Hello, good afternoon, I am a student of latam, I had a problem when I made an online evaluation, the moment I uploaded the files it had been uploaded perfectly and then when I received my grade I was surprised that an error came up when loading the file , there may be some solution to this.