Scientific Notation in a Formula-Based Question

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In the past, I was able to have the variables in a formula-based question displayed in scientific notation. For example:

SN1.pngWith this format, the numbers were displayed to students in scientific notation as opposed to an insanely large decimal format. Canvas was then able to generate answers for these questions and all worked well.

However, I recently tried creating a new question with the exact same format, and I now get an error stating "We were not able to find any solutions." If I change the variable conditions to numbers that are not scientific notation, it works fine so I am assuming it has to do with the scientific notation formatting. I also went back to a question that was created before and tried to generate new answers and received the same error.

This leads me to believe something has been changed in how answers are generated based on the variable input conditions. Does anyone know what changes were made and why? Is there something that can be done to have this function in the way it was previously or is there something else I can do to make this work?