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Hi there. 

When I moderate a certain task, can we have an option to see just one class, via a filter? I guess some form of a tickbox where you can select the class that's doing a task is ideal. 


At the moment, even if I only teach 2 classes, I can see all 14+ classes and their students but I don't need to see their progress. There's no filter option and this should be available as a basic feature.

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Hi @StanleyYu 

You are seeing those other courses, because you are enrolled in them in one roll or another. You can easily manage which courses display on your Dashboard as Course Cards, and in your Courses favorites list. You could ask your school to remove you from those courses, but there is no need, you can hide them. The following guides will help........

Don't worry that the specific Guide lesson I pointed you to are for students, it works the same for everybody!

I hope this is helpful,


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