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Is there anyway to see a list of ALL my emails that I sent to my students?  When I go to sent emails I only see a section of about 10-20 at a time and I have hundreds that i would like to have a record of.  I did see where you can look at each student individually and see all communications but i have 120 students and I am looking for something a little quicker than going to each student. 

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HI @3627583175 

Unfortunately, I don't believe this is possible.  The Inbox tool in Canvas isn't an email system, it's a messaging system.  So, it doesn't have the robust features you would expect from a full email client.

You mentioned you can filter by student, did you know you can also filter by course?

Also, it is my understanding that messages are never removed from Canvas unless purposefully deleted.  So, having them in Canvas is in essence an archive. This is why I personally require students to use the Inbox messaging tool for all course communications as it's archived in Canvas and linked to the course instead of mixed up in my school email account. 

You may want to submit your support for this feature request. Export Canvas Messages



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