Set a deadline for peer review?

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Hi, I want to make sure my students get their peers' comments in time to revise their drafts and submit a final draft. I also want to count "completing a peer review" towards the final grade. I realize that I have to create a "no submission assignment" for the latter, but how can I create a deadline for the review part? I suppose I can set a due date for the no submission assignment, but that won't let me know that the student has completed a peer review before I grade it, will it? I would have to go back to the essay assignment and check every student (and since they are sorted alphabetically by authors, not reviewers, this is time consuming and quite difficult, if you have a lot of students).

Sorry if this is a confused question. I just feel that there might be a way to do this that I haven't realized yet. 

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HI  @karin_molander_  - Alas, there is not a way to do this in Canvas and the solution that you came across on your own is pretty much on-target for what I tell my faculty at my own institution. Students will see any assignment on their "To Do" listing and/or Summary on the Syllabus page, but it really is going to be pretty much up to you to spot if students completed it on time.

I encourage you to vote "up" and, if you prefer, comment upon the following two Feature Ideas:

Hope this helps a bit, Karin.

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