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Setting Announcement dates via API

Is it possible to set announcement dates via API? The reason I ask is that we are moving to Canvas from a home grown LMS which gave the students notifications when a course became available. We are trying to replicate this feature in order to facilitate continuity of service. I ask because while there is no built in notification for this within Canvas, we are using Blueprint course templates, and I thought it might be possible to set a date for an announcement about the course being available via API so that it could be timed to the availability of the course automatically. Does this sound like something that might be possible? Does anyone know of another way to automate a notification to students about course availability?

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Hi  @jesse_fuhrman ‌,

Yes, the Announcement controls are part of the Discussions API.  You can use the `delayed_post_at` and `is_announcement` params to achieve your goal.

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