Should the MS TEAMS integration be creating chat channels or a team?

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So after 2 weeks of using this integration I'm stuck with this question:

"Is it better to use the Class Teams we've set up in our MS Teams infrastructure or continue to use the Canvas Integration which created meetings in the Chat channel?"

Canvas Teams Integration

Currently the pro's and con's I can see are:

Pro's of Canvas Team Integration:

  • Seamless integration into activities or dated tasks 
  • Link take you directly to meeting lobby 
  • New "Meeting Options" allows for setup of students as attendees 
  • More "zoom" like experience

Con's of Canvas Teams Integration:

  • Doesn't create a "Team" but a chat channel
  • Can't run analytics on chat channel
  • Can manage the chat channel like a team 
  • Students who were not in the Live video can't see recording of the live session unless this is shared with "the whole organisation"

As we stare down the barrel of 10 - 20 weeks of teaching using teams I'm trying to make the call of which direction to go for the long run?

Thoughts or advice anyone?