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How can I manually increase or decrease the size of all assignment columns at the same time in the Gradebook?  

Right now I can manually increase or decrease the size of any individual assignment column in the Gradebook one at a time which takes a lot of time for 60 to 90 assignments.

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Hi  @vgolay  - I feel your pain. As the (now current) New Gradebook has been deployed across all Canvas institutions, I hope that updates will be coming sooner rather than later to alleviate this issue, as I'm sure you are not alone.  For now, I encourage you to vote up and comment upon this Feature Idea, even though it does not precisely match your concerns, though as you read the comments you will see that it would likely help address it, considerably: 

Still, with that number of assignments I'm not sure that even re-sizing will help all that much, to be honest.  Please take advantage of one incredibly cool feature of the gradebook:  filtering.  If you are using, especially, either assignment groups or modules--and with that number of assignments I must say that I certainly hope you are--the ability to filter your columns down is absolutely wonderful.  There is more information here: How do I filter columns by type in the Gradebook? 

Hope this helps a bit, Valeri.

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