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Economic Deprivation is a problem that influences many citizens within a society. It is a group of common problems in present-day society and one that many people strive to solve. Social issues are from economic issues; however, some issues (Economic Deprivation) have both social and economic aspects. Why we need to reset the poverty line. [The federal government currently uses two statistical measures of poverty: The Official Poverty Measure (OPM), and the Supplemental Poverty Measure (SPM). In 2019, the OPM’s poverty line the minimum amount of income a family unit must have to not be counted as poor was $25,926 for two adults, two-child family unit. The SPM’s poverty line for the same family was $28,881 (assuming they rented and lived somewhere with average housing costs). Both these poverty lines are too low, particularly for households with adults caring for minor children, households that include people with disabilities, people with high student-debt obligations, and various other groups, but really for everybody in 2020. The root of the problem is the federal government’s failure to update the OPM for increases in average real income and mainstream living standards since the early 1960s. as a result, the OPM has defined deprivation down over the past fifty-seven years. As currently designed, the SPM has largely locked into place the OPM’s defining down of the poverty line. In order to “provide a sound efficient base for decisions and actions by governments businesses, household, and other organizations”, government statistics must be relevant, credible, and accurate].  The OPM fails all these tests, both as a measure of income and as a measure of poverty. the picture it paints of poverty is understated, distorted, and misleading. the federal government should immediately stop using it as a statistical measure of poverty.

Thecenturyfoundation (Links to an external site.), Report Economics, the defining down of Economic Deprivation: why we need to reset the poverty line. (September 30, 2020) Fremstad, Shawn, 

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