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Some students get "not authenticated" error when trying to access videos

Some of students in another faculty members class are not able to access the videos he has posted.
Here is a description of the problem and the workaround.
  • Students log in to Canvas and go to the course page 
  • Click on the “Announcements” link in the list of subpages along the left side of the content, then select the top link “Video from virtual office hours”
  • If they’re not experiencing the problem, the video will appear normally.  But if the student is unlucky, they'll receive an error message reading “Not Authenticated, click here to login”
  • Clicking the “click here to login” link brings up a new window from Kaltura, but entering the student's school login info does not work.  (So, if you get the “Not Authenticated” error, there's no point trying the login link.)
  • Instead, if the student scrolls down through the list of subpages on the left side of the content screen, and clicks the link for the “Media Gallery” subpage the Media Gallery window will load, and the videos should appear here (rather than a “Not authenticated” error) 
  • Now if the student goes back to the Announcements page, the video will appear where the error message used to be. 

If anyone has any suggestions as to why some of the students can access this video without receiving the "Not Authenticated" error or how to fix this, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Shannon

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Hi  @kemensl ,

We had a similar issue and found that the new version of Safari was the culprit. A recent update in Safari 13.1 blocks third party cookie sharing, so Canvas cannot pass login information to other sites. When students updated their security settings and turned off "Prevent cross-site tracking" the issue was resolved. We use Panopto, and they have great step-by-step documentation for enabling cookies in each browser here: Panopto Support.