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I was making a formula question in New Quizzes and the answers weren't coming out right.  I troubleshooted the different parts of my formula.  I found that the rad_to_deg and deg_to_rad functions were working backwards (see image).  I went to Classic quizzes and it worked properly (see image).

From New Quizzes.  120 radians is almost 20 times around a circle and should be around 7,000 degrees.  120 degrees is one third of the way around the circle and is about 2 radians.  The formula is doing degrees to radians, not radians to degrees.

343403_Something is wrong.png

From Classic Quizzes.  This is the correct result.

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I can confirm that I'm seeing this behavior as well in new quizzes on our beta instance (we don't have it enabled in production).  You should file a help ticket with Canvas Support so they can file it as a bug. Asking a question in the Community won't get it to people who need to know in order to fix it.

As much as it sucks, you can work around it for now by manually calculating the conversion. It definitely should be fixed, though, as it's just wrong the way it is and it's going to bite people who convert their legacy quizzes into new quizzes.

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