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Speed Grader not Showing all Quizzes from Students

How do I get to see the quizzes of all the students when Speed Grader shows only a few students' submission?  When I choose "Moderate Quiz" it shows me the submissions of all the students but speed grader shows only 14 out of more than 100 students. 

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Community Team
Community Team

Hi, EW,

SpeedGrader loads the same view as in the Gradebook. Did you happen to filter the Gradebook by section or group? Double check your filtering in Gradebook and then check SpeedGrader.

Let us know if that solution helped!


Community Member

I am having the same issue as mentioned above. All students have submitted a New Quizzes assignment but only some of them are showing in speed grader. No filters are on in my grade book. 

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I have run into the same thing with New Quizzes. In Moderate I can see that all of the students submitted the quiz but a few of them showed as missing and did not appear in SpeedGrader. I can tell they completed the quiz and submitted it on time.