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Strange Behavior for Grade Post Policy?

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I was recently contacted by a faculty member who could not figure out how to mute assignments in a course; they were using the new grade book, so I went to test and turned on Manual Grade Posting Policy for the course. I noticed the unfilled visibility icon (eye) populate the columns for the assignments in the course correctly, but once I set the first person's grade the eyeball never filled in (turned orange). 

Since I didn't see that the assignment grade was clearly hidden, I decided to act as the student and double check the grade book; I could then see that the assignment grade was listed and visible from the student perspective. Going back into grade book and manually using the 'Hide Grades' functionality allowed me to hide the grade from the student, but only after a grade had been submitted. 

In this case above, students had already begun submitting the assignment, and further testing is pointing at that as the issue. We reverted back to old grade book and were able to alleviate their issues using 'mute grades'. 

I created a copy of the course and added some colleagues to test; before anything was submitted I turned on Manual Grade Posting on an assignment and left another automatic. I'll detail the two assignments below: 

I set the course for 'Manually Post Grades' in 'Grade Posting Policy' as soon as the course copy was complete and then set Assignment 5 to 'Automatically Post Grades'. 

Assignment 3 

I left this assignment set to 'Manually Post Grades' and had my colleague submit something. Once I add a grade to his submission (1/3); the eye turned orange and Canvas reported 'The instructor is working on Grades' when he looked at Grades (Screenshot 2). 

Assignment 5

After the student posted a submission for Assignment 5, I changed the Grade Post Policy for the assignment back to manual and then graded the attempt. The eye never turned orange (screenshot 1) and the student was able to view the grade in their Grades view (Screenshot 2). The only way to hide this grade from the student was to use 'Hide Grades' on the assignment after the score had been posted (and briefly visible). 

Screenshot 1 (Grade Book View):


Screenshot 2 (Student Grades View): 


1. Is anyone else seeing similar functionality? If so, is it intended to work this way? If this is functional it will be important for faculty to know this needs to be done up front. 

2. Is there going to be a way to hide grades in this situation without first risking one student seeing their grade?  (There is some good discussion on this question here: New Gradebook Grade Post Policy Hide Grade Issues/Questions)

Let me know if I am missing something! 

Sorry for the long post! Thanks in advance for your thoughts/ideas!


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@akhuebel, when you don't see an eye indicator, have any scores been entered, or only assignment comments?

A change in the 2020-01-18 Canvas release, Postable Submission Comments, made instructor assignment comments release (ahead of scores) possible again under a MANUAL policy. Our institution, and many other Canvas customers, had relied on that capability as it existed with the old Mute Assignment in order to answer student questions which arose at submission time, prior to grade release.

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Both comments and grades have been entered.  I'm using a rubric to grade and I have made my choices and saved the rubric.  I have entered my comments and submitted.

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Interestingly, after having the problem I described above, I tried the manual setting in another course and it worked.  I still have no idea what the problem is.