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Student assignments not showing up in speed grader

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Students have submitted an assignment, and it shows that I can download them. However, whenever I go to the speed grader, only the test student shows up. 

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Encountered this issue as well and a colleague helped me out. It is nothing to do with SpeedGrader, but rather your Gradebook. Ensure there are no filters set there.

In my instance, the students from a previous study period were concluded and reverted to a different section. The filter that I had on still showed all their grades as it is but IT support had moved them to a concluded status. Because Gradebook still has its filters set, SpeedGrader I reckon is tied to it and will only project students/submissions based on that filter, hence why on the 'test student' was showing.

Removing any/all filters on Gradebook solved my problem instantly, and hope it does for any of you encountering this issue too.

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Hello,  @drisch  .  When you're in SpeedGrader, click on the gear icon on the top left.


A dropdown menu appears and Options is the first option in this menu.  When you click on it, a small window pops up.


Make sure the first button is not clicked!  Hope this helps!

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This did not solve the issue. I am still only seeing the test student. On the app, however, I see each submission.


Hi  @drisch  

I see that you have been in the Community for three years, so I suspect you are not a Canvas newbie! So I also suspect you know how to move from student-to-student in SpeedGrader. You say you are seeing the download link for each student's submission, so I suspect what you are not seeing is the DocReader rendered submission in the large pane.  Do you know what file format your students used to submit their files? Some mobile files cannot be previewed in SpeedGrader. You can find the list of file types that can be rendered in SpeedGrader at 

If your student submissions are of a file type that can be rendered, then you will need to submit a support ticket.


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Hi there,

They submitted a google doc. It’s worked in the past, but I’m not sure why it no longer is.


Thank you for the additional info, I did find this [Google LTI] Some student assignment submissions made through the Google LTI tool fail to render in ... 

However, this document claims this error/bug is fixed. Doesn't sound like it to me, but check it out and maybe reference it in your ticket.  All the way at the bottom is this reference #: GOOF-385

I also found this reference 

Good luck!


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Is there a way you can look into the assignment to see what I am talking about? This is very frustrating. The students have all submitted their assignments through google, which they have been able to do in the past with no issues. Our school does have google integrated and again, I’ve had no issues with this in the past. Also, on my phone, I am able to see the student submissions and am able to grade them. On the website, I am only allowed to see them when I download the submissions.

I have sought out answers from our school’s tech department, but they have insisted that this is a Canvas issue and that I am to go through you.

Dianne Groff

I am so sorry,  @drisch  ,  but I only have access to my own Canvas account, and that is true for most of us in the Community. However, this doc will tell you how to get help from Canvas Support How do I get help with Canvas as an instructor? 


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 @drisch ,

This is a community of Canvas users from all over the world and we do not have access to your Canvas instance to check things. You should file a help ticket with Canvas support by going to Help and clicking on Report a Problem. Since institutions can customize the messages, it may not say "Report a Problem" and you may have thought that's what you're doing.

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I am running into the same issue.  Mine was not a google doc submission, but rather they were submitting a picture file.