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I have a student who was previously enrolled in the school, left and returned 2 years later. Their profile is there within Canvas but they are unable to log in. Logging in via Microsoft just throws them back to the log in page despite being sync'ed on the device. I have followed the troubleshooting guide: Forgot Password (no email received), Cleared Cache, etc. all to no avail.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Welcome @TPUL to the Instructure Community!

You mention logging in via Microsoft, which sounds to me like your Canvas instance uses a single sign-on system. That's what my instance does, and that also means that our users cannot use Canvas's forgot password link. We have to go through our single sign-on system to reset or recover lost passwords. My guess is that your returned student's single sign-on needs to be reenabled, which is a task for your local IT team. It would be great if their vigilance extended to the Canvas Question Forum, alas it does not.

I’m going to mark this reply as a solution. I realize it does not solve your problem, but it might help others in a similar situation.

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