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Student course grade is incorrect / differs from the teacher view

Our site is currently having issues where the grade that students are viewing for some of their courses is not in line with the grading scheme/final mark that the teacher has assigned in that particular course.

I have attached an example where the student has ended the course with 69% which according to the grade scheme should be a C. The grade that the student sees is instead a B-

There are no hidden grades/unmarked assignments. Removing the one non-graded task (which is also weighted at 0%) doesn't fix the issue either.

I've tried to look into admin settings etc. but can't seem to figure out where the issue is. Any assistance is most appreciated!

Many thanks

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@jenna_miltenoff -

Well you have an interesting problem.  Thanks for a great picture that explains and shows everything.  My first guess was going to be the grading scheme, but your picture shows the one being used.  As you stated there is no B- in it, so why is the student seeing B- especially when the instructor sees the C.  You also clarified that there were no hidden grades.

Based on everything you have stated, it sounds like you need to send the information off to Canvas support.  contact your Canvas admins on how to do that - or see if they can help any as well.

I imagine you have already done this, but I would double check the grading scheme for the course.  And just another thought - are there any assignments that have a grading scheme assigned to them?  if so, what are those grading schemes and is that a possible source of the issue?

If possible, can you create a dummy student and give them the same grades to see what their score looks like?  Or try it with the test student?


@Ron_Bowman Thank you very much for the reply, I have checked the assignment grading scheme which matches the course scheme that was linked and tried your other suggestions but the issue still persists. Very bizarre! I have put through a ticket to Canvas support to investigate further.