Students messaging whole class when they meant to message just the teacher

Community Champion

This year I'm having multiple students end up messaging the whole class when they meant to just message the teacher using inbox messages. They insist that they're selecting just my name and not adding the whole class.

This wasn't something my students typically had trouble with in previous years, so I'm wondering if other people are also seeing an uptick of this with the redesign, and if so if you've figured out how to better train students to correctly select just the teacher (or is some kind of bug happening behind the scenes here?). I'm trying to get it to stop happening without taking away the ability for them to message each other.

I already have several students who aren't comfortable asking me for help via messages because they're worried their classmates will see what they wrote. I'm really struggling to troubleshoot this because it's happening to students rather than me and I can't see what the field actually said before the accidental classwide message happened.