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Submitted assignments give submitted message but not received for grading by instructor

I am a student. I submitted 7 assignments of many on time in one class and seven assignments on time of a lesser number of total assignmenst in a second class and one assignment of many on time in a third class. Canvas gave the submitted assignment message, but these were not received and graded by the instructor. In one class, I noticed one asignment showed as missing so I resubmitted it and received credit. In the other two classes, I did not notice that the assignments showed as missing. In one class with many assignments this changed my grade from an A to a B. In the last instance with fewer assignments, this changed my grade to an F. I would like to know if others have had this issue and if there is any resolution to be had, as well as information to keep this from occurring in the future. I did have one instance where Canvas allowed me to open the assignment, cut and paste between pages to enter into the text box, to write and answer questions in the assignment text box and when I hit submit, I received  a message that I was not signed in and my assignment was lost?

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