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Survey question type

what is the best quiz question type in canvas for a self assessment 1-4 rating survey? No correct answers students need to be able to choose between rating scale of 1-4 on a survey.

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi there, @akgalencollege ...

Sorry to see that your question has been sitting out here without a response for so long.  With old/classic/current quizzes, I would suggest a regular multiple choice question.  It's a bit strange, though, because you still have to specify a "correct" answer even though there technically is not a "correct" answer.  There's not really a way, as far as I know, to not specify there is no "correct" answer.  It's just how it is.

Otherwise, you may have to think about other ways to make a survey...such as using Google Forms or something like Survey Monkey if you are looking to build a true survey for your course.

I hope this will help a bit.  Sing out if you have any other questions.  Be well.

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