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Sway lecture modules prompting some students for login

my institution has started using Sway to embed the lectures into their weekly modules, however some students are being prompted to sign in using credentials.  As far as I've been able to gather, none of the students have actually been able to get past the sign in prompts. Some can sign in, then the popup for you can close this window now appears, but they cannot remove it and view the Sway.  They have tried to navigate away and back, they've tried to sign out and in, refresh the page. and it always reverts back to requesting a sign in. 

It also seemed to start mid semester with the first 4 being fine for most users, and from 5 on being problematic.  It's come up again this semester. 

The course devs and canvas admins have verified that the visibility is set to anyone for all the affected modules  and settings are correct.  It's a small selection of those who cannot view it and we are not able to find a commonality as to why specific students cannot. when all sway settings are correct.


A large majority of students do not have this issue.  I've reached out to some with probing questions trying to determine if there's something PC, OS, browser, network related that might be triggering it but so far minimal response.


Has anyone else come across this?  I've seen some other sway topics that are similar, but not quite the same as this so I was not able to find any answers here yet.



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Community Advocate

You may want to ask your Office365 administrators (probably someone in IT) what kind of settings they have for the Office products.  If it's possibly to save the Sway so that anyone can view it (i.e. they don't need to be logged in to their account) then I would do that.  At my institution, there are certain things that can go public and some things that are locked down to the institution.  We lock down OneDrive, so if I'm working with a consultant and need to share a document then I need to use an alternative space.

The issue with 4 people being able to access it with 5 an on having problems definitely seems like a glitch that IT should discuss with the Microsoft rep.  That doesn't sound like normal behavior.